About Us

We were one of the first safe to eat raw cookie dough stores in the country and we are working hard to bring enjoyable safe to eat raw cookie dough to everyone. We didn't stop at just making safe to eat traditional doughs. We make wine infused doughs, beer infused doughs, do custom cookie dough sculptures, cookie dough sandwich monsters, and cookie dough layer cakes. With cookie dough your imagination is the only limit!



Why Choose Us?

Are you looking to fill your cravings but don't want to have to go and get the ingredients, make more than you need, and then clean up the mess?

That's where we come in.... We have your classic doughs Chocolate Chip, Chipless, Sugar Cookie, Peanut Butter, Brownie Batter and Cake Batter just to name a few. Pick your favorite scoop of dough and eat it plain or add toppings.

Allergies an Issue.... We have 3 Gluten-Free Vegan doughs you can choose from. Chipless, Brownie Batter, or Peanut Butter. We even have a couple of seasonal doughs available during the winter holiday season. These doughs are all scooped as soon as they are made to help prevent cross contamination.

Dietary Needs.... We make Keto doughs and also Protein infused doughs.

As the owner, I will not sell anything that I wouldn't personally eat. So, when I create a new dough I don't just grab a recipe, make it, and sell it. I find recipes, do my homework, and make several batches working to perfect flavor and texture. I want my doughs to be bring a smile to your face and hopefully remind you of being a child sneeking cookie dough or batters from the bowl.

Offering Traditional, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Keto Options